Master’s Program

The Master of Biomedical Informatics program is designed for students interested in careers working in:
Health Information Technology
Health System-Based Population Health
With regard to the ~$40 billion national investment in electronic health records has created an urgent need for individuals expert in health automation, healthcare workflow, and automated decision support.
Students who complete the Master of Biomedical Informatics are exposed to a capstone project that will involve conducting a research project in one of our research laboratories. Many of these students will be matched to a laboratory shortly after their arrival on campus and others will be matched as soon as their research interests develop. In addition, students will be given multiple opportunities to present their work-in-progress to the faculty and their student peers.
It is widely acknowledged that there are not enough qualified individuals to meet the demands of the current biomedical research and practice environment. There is a crucial, and currently largely unmet, need for trained individuals who are able to integrate, interpret, and act upon the large-scale, high-throughput, and complex data that are generated in the course of biomedical research and the practice of medicine. As such, our primary goal in offering this Master of Biomedical Informatics degree is to contribute to the cadre of highly trained independent and successful researchers in the field of biomedical informatics. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to engage meaningfully in this field.