Jared Hawkins Presents Poster at AMIA 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014
Conference Presentation

Jared Hawkins, second year MMSc student, presented his poster, "Thermia: Simplifying Childhood Fevers with Mobile Decision Support" at the American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium in Washington, DC, November 2014.


Poster Abstract: We developed a decision support tool and mobile application (http://thermia.io) to provide information on fever and febrile illnesses, such as respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses, to concerned parents. The primary goals are to educate parents about potential underlying causes of symptoms and to provide information on supportive treatment that parents can provide at home via web- based and smartphone apps. A secondary goal is to integrate user data into public health biosurveillance tools (e.g., HeathMap.org and FluNearYou.org), to better track emerging disease and provide tailored treatment options. Our tool will motivate parents to take a direct role in their child's health care by providing education and information necessary to support their decision-making around children with fevers and infectious febrile illnesses.