MBI Degree Candidates Present Capstone Projects

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Class of 2018 MBI Degree Candidates shared the outcomes of their Capstone projects at a presentation session attended by project mentors, department faculty, and peers. As part of the capstone experience, students were asked to discuss their final projects in a fifteen minute presentation with five minutes allowed for questions from audience members.

Program Director Nils Gehlenborg with MBI '18 students: Avika Dixit, William Gordon, Shaun Patel, Szu-Yeu Hu, Ben Illigens

The projects attest to the diverse backgrounds found within the MBI Class of 2018 while demonstrating the importance of biomedical informatics to each student’s unique area of research. Examples of projects include using whole genome sequencing to study multi-drug tuberculosis transmission; leveraging data from smartphone use in patients with schizophrenia to develop personalized relapse prediction; using machine learning to quantitatively assess different vibratory characteristics of red blood cells in different conditions; and evaluating how healthcare providers use a confidential note designation in electronic health records.

Several students have plans for publishing their work in the near future and expanding upon their research after graduation. A reception followed the Capstone Presentation session, giving the MBI Class of 2018 an opportunity to celebrate fulfilling their final degree requirement before graduation.


MBI Class of 2018 Capstone Projects

Tamim Alganam, MBBS, “Retrospective Usage Data Analysis of Wateen Application” Project Mentor: Adam Landman, MD

Avika Dixit, MBBS, MPH,  “Genotypic clustering does not imply recent tuberculosis transmission in a high prevalence setting: A genomic epidemiology study in Lima, Peru” Project Mentor: Maha Farhat, MD, MSc


William Gordon, MD, “A comparison of calculated Panel Reactive Antibody (cPRA) scores between a national population and a local platelet donor pool in patients undergoing hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation” Project Mentor: William J Lane, MD, PhD


Szu-Yeu Hu, MD, “Optic discs segmentation using convolution neural network” Project Mentor: Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, PhD.


Ben Min-Woo Illigens, MD,  “Accelerated large-scale quantification of red blood cell flickering motion” Project Mentors: Andrew Beam, PhD and Ionita Ghiran, MD


Chase Parsons, MD,  “Use of a Confidential Note Type in a Pediatric Hospital” Project Mentors: Fabienne Bourgeois, MD MPH and Jonathan Hron, MD.

Shaun Patel, PhD,  “Identifying a Closed-Loop Neurophysiological Signal of Impulsive Decision-Making” Project Mentor: Emad Eskandar, MD

Edwin Reyes, PhD, “Identifying Textual Patterns in Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment” Project Mentors: John Brownstein, PhD and Jared Hawkins, PhD, MMSc.


John Torous, MD,  “Using Patients’ Personal Smartphones to Inform Risk of Relapse in Schizophrenia: An Exploratory Pilot Study” Project Mentors: Matcheri Keshavan, MD and J.P. Onnela, DSc.