Justin Rousseau

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Evidence-Based Imaging - 2016
  • MD, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine - 2010
  • BS, University of Virginia - 2002

I am pursuing an interdisciplinary career integrating informatics and clinical neurology.  Having grown from a foundation in Systems Engineering, my interest in new technologies and how they affect diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes is what inspired me to enter into medicine and my goal is to assist in the development of these new technologies and bring them to the bedside.  My research goals are to incorporate concepts of multimodality monitoring, imaging informatics, and the management and interface with the electronic health record to assist with real-time clinical decision support and to improve patient outcomes.  I will specifically focus on developing clinical decision support at the point of care through the imaging order entry system.

I joined the MMSc in Biomedical Informatics program because it brings together multiple examples of integrating informatics research in the clinical realm.  Here, and particularly at the Center for Evidence Based Imaging, I will have the opportunity to learn from and experience the integration and interface of operations, research, and the practice of medicine.  I will also have the opportunity to learn from the other informatics fellows who have such diverse backgrounds as we bring together our experiences with the various informatics labs.