Noah Brown

During undergrad, I developed interests in computational genomics and machine learning and desired to pursue further study linking data and methods from these fields with the phenotypic data generated in the process of healthcare delivery. The BD2K Patient-centered Information Commons was among the first projects I discovered that facilitated this sort of research, integrating heterogeneous biomedical data streams. As part of my education at Harvard, I am excited to take courses like BMI 703, 704 & 705, and to be exposed to the PIC-SURE project. I hope to expand on my familiarity with genomic data acquired by recent work in autism and preterm birth, and to build a wide knowledgebase of machine learning methods that can connect this data with diverse features derived from EHRs. After the program I plan to enter an MD or MD/PhD program, in pursuit of a career focused simultaneously on patient caregiving and academic research, developing proven, practical improvements to medical diagnostics and treatment through artificial intelligence.