Scott Kallgren

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biomedical Informatics - Current
  • PhD, Columbia University - 2014
  • BS, Hillsdale College - 2007

My research is focused on determining chromatin changes that are reflective and causative of cancer. I will therefore develop analysis tools for epigenomic approaches like ChIP-seq, NET-seq, and RNA-seq to determine the biological mechanisms underlying gene expression patterns in specific cancer types. My doctoral research in laboratory-based fission yeast epigenetics provides a related basis upon which to build and bridge the knowledge gap between computational and laboratory-based approaches. I chose the MMSc in Biomedical Informatics program in order to interact with current and future leaders in biomedical informatics and to be immersed in cutting-edge computational research approaches that will empower me to answer disease-related biological questions that can be readily translated into improved diagnostics and treatments for patients.