Shira Fischer

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - 2014
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School - 2012
  • Harvard College - 2001

I began my career at the Institute of Medicine at the National Academies in Washington, DC, right when the seminal patient safetyreports were being published, which focused my attention on the importance of research not just in medicine but also on improving the system. I realized that while we should continue to try to cure cancer, if we could just deliver the medicine that we know to be effective in an efficient, error-free way providing evidence-based treatment, following protocols, and making sure that providers have the right information at the right time we could save many lives, more than if we cured AIDS and breast cancer combined. I went on to study medicine and epidemiology. My graduate thesis research examined laboratory monitoring of high-risk medications in the ambulatory setting, using electronic record data to separate the role of physicians and the role of patients in completion of these important monitoring tests. My current research interests include using technology and computers, specifically tools within electronic health records, to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.